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Rigging your flyrod consists of 5 different parts (Backing, The Fly Line, Leader, Tippet and the Flies.

We will not cover the knots required to add the backing to the reel (Arbor knot) and the backing to the fly line (Nail knot).  Typically, this is done either by a fly shop or the done by the manufacture.  If you are interested, you can browse the web for videos that discuss those in detail.

The knots we will cover are:  

1.Perfection Loop – connect fly line to the leader (this may also be provided by the manufacture of the Fly line and the Leader lines)
2.Surgeons Knot – the leader to tippet material  
3.And finally, the Clinch-knot 

There are many other knots, but these will get the job done.

Let's look at the knots in more detail.