Beginning Fly Casting

To enjoy much of the benefits from Fly Fishers Arizona you can just sign up as an affiliate member.  We this relationship you get the publication, access to our free events (casting meetup, fly tying meetups, etc.).

Why should you go the full monty and purchase the Fly Fishers International is simple.  You get access the the 100s if not thousand of eduction material in reference to casting and fly tying.  Also you will be able participate in the various initiatives, like the Women’s Initiatives, youth programs and other program offering from around the country.  Not only that you will be contributing to Fly Fishers Internationals conservation and community outreach programs.  Feel free to visit 

The following caster beginners videos are just a sample of the videos available.

From a Zoom program for casting instructors presented at the Fly Fishers International Virtual Expo on November 7, 2021. Thanks to MCI Craig Buckbee and CI Dave Jacobson for their assistance with this presentation. Any errors/deficiencies are mine alone. Further thanks to my program moderator, CI Sue Daignault.

How to teach the Pickup/Laydown aka Four-Part Cast to beginners

How to teach beginners to False Cast,

How To Teach Beginners To Rollcast